Mango Lassi recipe

Try to make our Babuji Mango Lassi at home with our simple recipe...

Mango lassi is one of those drinks that really do make adults smile like a kid when you take that first plug or long slurp! It can be pimped out in so many ways like adding other fruits to it or syrups etc but here we have given you our simple recipe for a great tasting classic Mango lassi – Enjoy!


200ml Mango Pulp- Any good supermarket has this in the world food aisle

150ml Evaporated Milk OR Full Fat Milk

150ml Natural or Greek style yoghurt

2 heaped tablespoon clear honey


Add some Double cream

1 teaspoon cinnamon

Crushed Pistachio to garnish


Put all ingredients into a blender and blitz!

Taste and add more honey if needed for sweetness or more milk to make it a consistency you like – LITERALLY THATS IT!