This is our family and the man here, well he’s our father, our Babuji (ba-boo-ji). His journey started back in 1959. Before arriving in the UK Babuji decided to travel through Bangladesh, India then Pakistan, teaching, learning and eating lots on the way. In particular the street stalls of Calcutta, Mumbai, and Lahore were his favourites.

Babuji ate a lot of food, in fact he loved food. The best places to eat he said “are the cafés and street stalls, no need to go anywhere fancy”. Indeed he was right, he ventured to these small outlets because they made food that reminded him of home, the sense of home brings that warm fuzzy feeling inside, and that is exactly what we’re about.

Our food is a homage to the street vendors and Cafés of South Asia. Combining dishes that Babuji encountered in his journey. From Bengali bites, to street stall favourites of Mumbai, and traditional homely Pakistani dishes. By the way, we eat with our hands, cos that’s the Babuji way.

Babuji timeline