Let Us Maintain Our Earth!

One of our mission as a restaurant and business is to place sustainability as a key pillar in how we operate and do business. We want to take steps to minimise the environmental impact, so you can tuck in with confidence.

But what does that actually mean?

Sourcing at Babuji

Buy Local, as much as possible. At Babuji we have sourced the vast majority of produce from the UK, and we will always try and use UK suppliers. We want to reduce air miles and our carbon footprint.


We are fully committed to buying all our meat from within the United Kingdom. We also believe in buying meat from animals that have been treated with care and compassion.


Our meat is all HFA halal certified. This means the slaughter house has been inspected to meet the standards required to be deemed permissible.

It’s not just our food we care about; our drinks have been selected from producers that share our commitment in enriching the environment. Our cola is purchased from Karma, they are based in Camden and make Organic Ethical Cola. Our juice is all organic and from a farm in Devon.


We want to help in the reduction of single use plastic waste. All our packaging is fully recyclable, and some are even biodegradable. Don’t be fooled, some items may look and feel plastic but they are made from 100% veg.


We continue to find ways in which we can be reduce our carbon footprint. We use light sensors in our restaurant, equipment is only turned on when needed. We have a water pump sensor to reduce water consumption. It’s all these small interventions that we hope will make a difference.


Recycling plays such an important role in our sustainability objective. We have a zero landfill policy and work with a London based recycling firm.

Our Restaurant

The restaurant furnishing is all recycled or reclaimed. Our tables and sofa was saved from the skip, they needed some restoration but in our opinion they look fantastic.

Our chairs were purchased second hand. They may be worn, a bit rickety, and some have holes in them. But they have a lot of character and charm.